Better Your Practice Management with Online Prior Authorization Services

Online Prior Authorization Services

The rising costs in prior authorization are a worry sign for the healthcare providers. Making real time arrangements for getting quick authorization in place is the key to effective revenue cycle management.

• To comply with the emerging requirements, we have developed a perfect platform for you to submit your prior authorization requests online.

• Over the years, we have worked with leading providers and payers and our rich understanding of claims adjudication mandates of the industry helps you with customized eligibility verification and authorization assistance.

• We have made efforts in streamlining one of the most pain areas in revenue cycle, prior authorization that will transform your billing efforts in best proportions.

• Our objective is to simplify the entire prior auth process and help you get results in quick TAT with the help of a proactive platform.

Our strategy will be to free the in house resources working for you and help you in eliminating the tedious process of paperwork and contacting payers for authorization with a robust platform.

Cover a wide range of Prior Authorization Requirements

Our proficiency extends to a large number of specialties including nursing homes, pharmacies, DME sellers and other practices in healthcare.

You will enjoy complete freedom in working with our prior auth online domain that will help you take care of all your precertification requirements from a one stop destination.

• We combine state of the art platforms with quality resources in medical billing that will take care of all your auth requirements and provide you stand out results in quick time.

• An economical, timely and well managed platform will eliminate proven loopholes in your daily practice management efforts.

• Moreover, we have designed it primarily to make the entire prior authorization process for you, accurate and efficient.

Any practice irrespective of their size can get in touch with us for our expert intervention. We guarantee you an end to end revenue cycle management support with comprehensive prior auth online support and a definitive plan of action.

No installation required at your end!

No matter what plan or procedure help you are looking for, we will be offering your complete prior authorization assistance that will be payer specific. We will be covering all the risk areas and will be delivering you a wide range of procedure complying verification and authorization support. Let our experts take care of your prior authorization by working as a seamless extension to your existing operations.

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What Customers Say

  • Thank you again for your efforts - your team continues to meet our expectations and is actively improving our ability to serve our patients. Your efforts specifically to maintain open communications with our team has fostered the success of this effort and we look forward to expanding the effort next week and beyond.

    Project Manager at a leading Prosthetics & Orthotics company based in Florida
  • I was always against the idea of outsourcing our back-end claims processing work but I was wrong. You have provided extraordinary deliverables on a timely basis which led to cost cutting considerably for us.

    CEO of a leading MA-PD Plan
  • We upload charts to a secure FTP server and they take it from there. The staff is knowledgeable and very easy to work with. Any issues that we have faced have been resolved within a few days.

    A major orthotics & prosthetics practice based in the south-east