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Curing The Prior Authorization Headache with Functional Best Practices

Over 869 million hours are spent annually on just obtaining prior authorization from the insurance companies. Prior authorization remains one of the most time consuming processes for the practices that involve huge amount of time and money, can be used for betterment of care management priorities. Ultimately, the patient who should be receiving the benefits […]

Prior Authorization Denials are on the Rise: How to Deal with It

Prior authorization is under pressure. Medical claim or to be precise, prior authorization was already suffering after the withdrawal of the ACA subsidy. The federal government’s decision took away the medical coverage security of millions of Americans and the insurance companies have again started dictating terms. Americans are facing increase in denials and ultimately access […]

Rethink the DME Prior Authorization Process with Unique Best Practices from Sun Knowledge

It is true that challenges with prior authorization are a big pain area for practices. In the competitive landscape, if you are to survive as a provider, you have to provide value based care to your patients in the truest sense. However, challenges with prior authorization, tedious administrative and paperwork involved, kills a lot of […]

How To Simplify Prior Authorization with Ultimate Best Practices

With chronic or end of life treatments, we are witnessing patients taking more accountability with their healthcare decisions. It is quite evident; the manual process can never be the solution. Effective payer provider communication, processes that work together and is responsive is the answer. Electronic prior authorizations statistically resolves many of the cost challenges with […]

Prior Authorization – Ways To Limit Prior Authorization Delays

It’s not news that prior authorization can be extremely time-consuming. According to a survey on medical practices, 94% of the managers confirmed that prior authorization takes away 4.6 hours each week on an average. Most of this delay is practice specific or outcome of the loopholes in the prior authorization process of a physician’s office […]

Identifying The Prior Authorization Helps Prepare a Healthcare Practice to Properly Combat Rejections and Denials

Prior Authorization – Identifying Rejection Reasons Prior authorization has recently seen several regulatory and policy changes. As prior authorization is rapidly getting transformed from the manual mode to the electronic platform, the process has become complex needing adherence to stringent guidelines and additional documentation. No wonder, prior authorization has become tougher and rejections are rampant. […]

Curing The Prior Authorization Headache with Streamlined Best Practices

A growing number of states have passed a legislation to combat the stringent payer requirements that has resulted in delayed care, loss of revenue and also dissatisfied patients. It is true that the patient access departments lack the immediate resources to appeal the rise in the number of denied claims. ♦ If you ask any […]

Cut Down on Prior Authorization Rejections with PriorAuth Online

Imagine the pain you have to go through every time there is a rejection of the prior authorization request you make. Think about the helplessness of the patient who has faced a prior auth denial and has been declined to receive the treatment/procedure/medicine/equipment. Prior authorization rejections are both ways detrimental to the financial health of […]

Prior Authorization Concerns and Solutions to Streamline it

In a Health Affairs article, it stated that, $83,000 is spent by the physicians on prior authorizations annually. It is estimated that on an average yearly basis, nearly $23- $32 billion is spent by healthcare providers on tedious prior authorization requirements. Prior authorizations remain the largest source of denied payments and write-offs for majority healthcare […]

The Truth About Prior Authorization and How To Get Rid of The Bottleneck

Especially with chronic or end of life treatments, we are finding patients taking more accountability with their healthcare decisions. We are seeing patients are in more control and looking for a realistic value based care in all purposes. ♦ Precisely, healthcare providers will need to improve their clinical interactions. ♦ The entire staff with the […]

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