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“Your Physician Still has No Time for You”– She has Paperwork to Do! Challenges with Prior Authorization

The uneven nature of American Medical Care with third-party payers – Medicare increasingly looks to measure performance related to clinical aspects and either punish or reward the physicians rendering high or low quality of patient care! ⇒ We find countless hours of clinical time is spent on documentation. According to a study, nearly 15 hours […]

Stay Head of The Curve As a Practice: Actionable Prior Authorization Support

Complications with administrative burdens and delays with a prior authorization prevent almost 70% of patients from receiving the original treatment that was prescribed to them. Almost 20 hours a week is wasted by providers and patients on the paper prior authorization process. 40% of prior authorizations get abandoned due to complexities in policies and procedures. […]

Online Prior Authorization: The Platform that Strengthens Your PA Process

You are not alone. Hundreds of healthcare providers around the country are tired of dealing with the patients’ health plans prior authorization requirements for specific treatment, medications, and/or procedures.Latest surveys on the industry state that 25% of physicians spend more than 40 hours each week dealing with prior authorizations. There’s no doubt that the substantial […]

The Pain with Prior Authorization and Best Practices to Streamline it

Healthcare at large is still fundamentally localized! Even if the provider and payer systems can communicate, reconcile and absorption of data is not effective enough, making integration quite cumbersome. Seamless exchange of data between the provider and the payer is still hindered with clunky payer web portals that map with their proprietary workflow patterns. ♣ […]

Doctors are Tired Wasting Two Thirds of Their Time in Paperwork: The Prior Authorization Story

In a recently published study, the annals of Internal Medicine, it was found that every hour physicians are seeing the patients; they had to spend two additional hours on taxing paperwork. It is surely a worry sign as we are still to see the best of the doctors training and ability. Patients actually bear the […]

Driving Your Prior Authorization Efforts with Powerful Best Practices

Proper communication between the payer and provider is a serious problem that becomes a huge hurdle for the ideal shift for a better value based care. Ultimately, resolving your practice management priorities will be possible with a perfect combination of manual and electronic prior authorization that cures your pain in the verification and authorization mandates […]

The Headache with Prior Authorization and Best Practices to Solve Them

The Kaiser family Foundation researched that almost 869 million hours are spent on an annual basis for obtaining prior authorization. The AMA has clearly stated that the overall expenditure is roughly $31 billion on prior authorization by the providers. Electronic prior authorization still has a long way to go, yet it is evident that while […]

How to Eliminate Reimbursement Challenges with Powerful Prior Authorization

Prior authorization till date remains the biggest source of write offs and denied payments for the majority healthcare practices. On an estimate, nearly $23- $32 billion are spent by the providers on time consuming prior authorization needs. Nearly $83000 is spent by the physicians on the prior authorization process. While it is true that electronic […]

Decision Automation to Cure The Prior Authorization Drain

The brunt of faulty prior authorization inevitably will be killing with the Medicare and Medicaid cuts. The patient at one end suffers with surging prescription abandonment’s; delay in medical procedures, the provider suffers with pending accounts receivable in the long run. Almost, 869 million hours are being spent on just obtaining prior authorization. While it […]

Prior Authorization Becomes Easy with PriorAuth Online

Incorporating the best practices of the leading practice management software in the marketplace, Sun Knowledge has come up with its very own secure web based portal “PriorAuth Online”. We guarantee almost 100% submissions of prior auth requests on the same day itself. SunKnowledge Services .Inc at present processes more than 50,000 authorizations on a monthly […]

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