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Online Prior Authorization, A Solution to Salvage Your Revenue

What in general is prior authorization means to patients, physicians, medical service providers, hospitals, labs, and other healthcare entities? Will it be wrong if it is answered in a few expressions like frustration, anxiety, delay, uncertainty, etc.? Probably not! In the words of an experienced healthcare, “I miss a lot of my valuable time to […]

How To Better Your Prior Authorization Approach

Prior Authorization Approach

It is true that almost $40 billion are lost every year due to write offs. As we see the federal mandates and guidelines become all the more complex, providers simply cannot afford a loss of reimbursements with faulty denial management efforts. Healthcare practices have to find better ways to streamline the process of prior authorization […]

Survival Strategy in Prior Authorization with Smart Automation

Prior Authorization with Smart Automation

Electronic prior authorization is the road ahead for the providers if they want to stand any chance to better their prior authorization process. Patients truly are worst sufferers due to prescription abandonment and also procedure delay with medication. • Poor communication with payers, challenges in bureaucratic tactics, administrative hassles and last but not the least […]

Better Your Online Prior Authorization with Us

Sun Knowledge provides end to end practice management/ revenue cycle management assistance to leading providers across a wide range of specialties. One of the advantages of working with Sun Knowledge is our profuse understanding of the claims adjudication mandates of the industry. We provide our functional best practices and comprehensive skill set with a dedicated […]

Online Prior Authorization That Streamlines Practice Management

Online Prior Authorization

One of the biggest challenges today with providers is to manage administrative tasks related to eligibility verification and prior authorization that often delays the medical process. The patient who has to receive the full benefits of prior authorization suffers the pain due to poor communication between the payer and the providers resulting in prescription abandonment […]

Prior Authorization Considerations for a Better Practice Management

Prior Authorization

To make the most of the available time that you spent on your daily prior authorization requests, it is important today to make the best use of the available technology. Streamlining your prior authorization requires an effective combination of pragmatic resources and robust processes. • Increasing costs of prior authorization are round about 32 billion […]

Better Your Practice Management with Online Prior Authorization Services

Online Prior Authorization Services

The rising costs in prior authorization are a worry sign for the healthcare providers. Making real time arrangements for getting quick authorization in place is the key to effective revenue cycle management. • To comply with the emerging requirements, we have developed a perfect platform for you to submit your prior authorization requests online. • […]

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  • Thank you again for your efforts - your team continues to meet our expectations and is actively improving our ability to serve our patients. Your efforts specifically to maintain open communications with our team has fostered the success of this effort and we look forward to expanding the effort next week and beyond.

    Project Manager at a leading Prosthetics & Orthotics company based in Florida
  • I was always against the idea of outsourcing our back-end claims processing work but I was wrong. You have provided extraordinary deliverables on a timely basis which led to cost cutting considerably for us.

    CEO of a leading MA-PD Plan
  • We upload charts to a secure FTP server and they take it from there. The staff is knowledgeable and very easy to work with. Any issues that we have faced have been resolved within a few days.

    A major orthotics & prosthetics practice based in the south-east