Driving Your Prior Authorization Efforts with Powerful Best Practices

Proper communication between the payer and provider is a serious problem that becomes a huge hurdle for the ideal shift for a better value based care. Ultimately, resolving your practice management priorities will be possible with a perfect combination of manual and electronic prior authorization that cures your pain in the verification and authorization mandates […]

The Headache with Prior Authorization and Best Practices to Solve Them

The Kaiser family Foundation researched that almost 869 million hours are spent on an annual basis for obtaining prior authorization. The AMA has clearly stated that the overall expenditure is roughly $31 billion on prior authorization by the providers. Electronic prior authorization still has a long way to go, yet it is evident that while […]

How to Eliminate Reimbursement Challenges with Powerful Prior Authorization

Prior authorization till date remains the biggest source of write offs and denied payments for the majority healthcare practices. On an estimate, nearly $23- $32 billion are spent by the providers on time consuming prior authorization needs. Nearly $83000 is spent by the physicians on the prior authorization process. While it is true that electronic […]

Decision Automation to Cure The Prior Authorization Drain

The brunt of faulty prior authorization inevitably will be killing with the Medicare and Medicaid cuts. The patient at one end suffers with surging prescription abandonment’s; delay in medical procedures, the provider suffers with pending accounts receivable in the long run. Almost, 869 million hours are being spent on just obtaining prior authorization. While it […]

Prior Authorization Becomes Easy with PriorAuth Online

Incorporating the best practices of the leading practice management software in the marketplace, Sun Knowledge has come up with its very own secure web based portal “PriorAuth Online”. We guarantee almost 100% submissions of prior auth requests on the same day itself. SunKnowledge Services .Inc at present processes more than 50,000 authorizations on a monthly […]

Curing The Prior Authorization Headache with Functional Best Practices

Over 869 million hours are spent annually on just obtaining prior authorization from the insurance companies. Prior authorization remains one of the most time consuming processes for the practices that involve huge amount of time and money, can be used for betterment of care management priorities. Ultimately, the patient who should be receiving the benefits […]

Prior Authorization Denials are on the Rise: How to Deal with It

Prior authorization is under pressure. Medical claim or to be precise, prior authorization was already suffering after the withdrawal of the ACA subsidy. The federal government’s decision took away the medical coverage security of millions of Americans and the insurance companies have again started dictating terms. Americans are facing increase in denials and ultimately access […]

Improve Your Prior Authorization Process for Radiology with Prior Auth Online

Too many cases of authorization denials are being seen these days, resulting primarily from coding errors or incorrect information. The main focus of a well-managed radiology’s office billing operation is to submit claims for services punctually and in the proper, required format, and receive reimbursement as fast as possible. And this is the main impetus […]

Prior Authorization for DME is Simpler with Prior Auth Online

The aging population over the age of 65 years has increased and preference for home healthcare products are rising everyday contributing hugely to the growth of the DME market. DME providers today also have to be aware of the complexities in the billing process and have to be more particular about the transparency of their […]

Rethink the DME Prior Authorization Process with Unique Best Practices from Sun Knowledge

It is true that challenges with prior authorization are a big pain area for practices. In the competitive landscape, if you are to survive as a provider, you have to provide value based care to your patients in the truest sense. However, challenges with prior authorization, tedious administrative and paperwork involved, kills a lot of […]

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  • Thank you again for your efforts - your team continues to meet our expectations and is actively improving our ability to serve our patients. Your efforts specifically to maintain open communications with our team has fostered the success of this effort and we look forward to expanding the effort next week and beyond.

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  • I was always against the idea of outsourcing our back-end claims processing work but I was wrong. You have provided extraordinary deliverables on a timely basis which led to cost cutting considerably for us.

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  • We upload charts to a secure FTP server and they take it from there. The staff is knowledgeable and very easy to work with. Any issues that we have faced have been resolved within a few days.

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