Simplifying The Prior Authorization Challenges

The study followed the daily activities of 57 physicians across internal medicine, family medicine, orthopedics and cardiology. It was found that physicians spent almost 50% of their time doing paperwork, with 27% time being spent in the offices. A recently published article in the Annals of Internal Medicine clearly found out that for every hour […]

Streamlined Prior Authorization Assistance/Free Telemedicine/Leverage The Sunknowledge Opportunity

We find countless hours of clinic time being spent on documenting. According to a study, nearly 15 hours per week is spent measuring the quality performance. It is not only the staff; physicians also are required to spend their precious time! A big number of American doctors complain of getting burned out in their jobs. […]

A Complete Approach to Better Prior Authorization Solutions

If you ask any patient access leader to describe the biggest challenge that they are facing with effective revenue cycle management, it will be prior authorization! It is true that the patient access departments lack the immediate resources to appeal the rise in the number of denied claims. The sheer number of denials is quite […]

Prior Authorization Challenges Eliminated with The Sunknowledge Experience

Facts clearly illustrate that the doctor’s net take home is only 10% of the entire healthcare expenditure. While compared to the $360 billion being spent for the administrative costs, the cut of 10 percent will save only $24 billion, a quite modest saving, according to the CMS (Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services). It is […]

Positive Reforms are The Need of The Hour with Prior Authorization Pains

Replacement of Affordable Care Act (ACA), the proposed MacArthur Amendment, does not actually address the well-established practice of the health insurer in use of restrictive prior authorization requirements. While prior authorization is essentially a check that is run by the insurance companies and even the third party payers for approving the treatment, medications, procedure for […]

Prior Authorization Challenges and Your Best Practices for Streamlining it

It is true that prior authorization can be more frustrating than other processes of administrative nature. Maximizing your claims reimbursements in a rapid turnaround time with reduced data errors and duplication, assigning the staffs to work for a better practice management, all contribute to a length process that kills patient engagement time. Ultimately, the patients […]

Facing A Nightmare with Your Prior Authorization: A One Stop Destination That Defines Your Practice

It will be a pertinent approach to assess the time, delay in medical procedure and abandonment of original prescription that happens due to lack luster prior authorization practices. We can cite real time examples of prior authorization taking a toll on urologists and the patients. A patient was diagnosed of acute Hematuria. The urologist wanted […]

“Paperwork in Mind” Physicians Tired of Challenges with Prior Authorization

It is not a surprise that only 54% American physicians are of the view that medicine will again be a profession worth considering again. We still find countless clinic times being spent on documentation. 25,000 doctors across 25 specialties was a part of the survey done by Medscape/Web M.D with an online questionnaire. The doctors […]

Time and Money Burdens with Prior Authorization: Know Your Practice Management Priorities

Almost 37 times in a week! If you are a physician and recently surveyed by the AMA, 37 may be the number of prior authorization requests that you and your administrative staffs complete each week. It is quite remarkable amidst many other stats that clearly suggest the overburdening nature of the prior authorization process. Prior […]

The Physicians’ Prior Authorization Woes and the PriorAuth Remedy

Prior Authorizations isone of the biggest concerns for physicians and is a bitter reality of the healthcare industry now. Prior Authorization was originally developed as a measure to reduce the costs for various healthcare services, medicines, and medical equipment. The core purposeis also to keep price increases in checkand prevent DME (durable medical equipment) from […]

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  • Thank you again for your efforts - your team continues to meet our expectations and is actively improving our ability to serve our patients. Your efforts specifically to maintain open communications with our team has fostered the success of this effort and we look forward to expanding the effort next week and beyond.

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